Our Family

Hi there! My name is Sarah, and welcome to Otter Rocks.
I am a Youtuber and I vlog our daily life, the mischief we light fires under the fires we put out, predominantly fires around my health and anything our toddler has gotten at.


I am a mama to an incredible little boy, Squirrel my gorgeous toddler, I suffer from a number of illnesses and several chronic conditions that leave me disabled.
I live with my lovely husbeast, Squirrel and our cat Artemis in beautiful Exeter in Devon, and as I go through my journey of motherhood and poor health, I have a whole lot of other stuff in my life to balance, and I am forever in pursuit of silliness, whimsy and joy through my Life Storms and Plot Twists! The big thing for me is as I crave my own projects in allotted mummy-times, naps, etc, is to grow my artistic abilities and become a working artist/illustrator, novelist and YouTuber.


I am also hoping to find my identity, inject some more colour and spring into my happy tank to combat the dragging anchor of my sickness. I want to try new things, meet new people and make big things happen!


I married my best friend, my gorgeous Darren, on the seafront of Paignton, and we celebrated our reception at Paignton Zoo! One of our favourite places. He is incredible, and works so very flippin’ hard to look after all over us, full time work, daddy, and carer.


Leo, also known as Squirrel is my pride and joy, my heart, my everything. He is hilarious, and adorable, and mischievous and has the makings of a caring and mindful gentleman. We are incredibly close and practice gentle parenting. He brings me so much, every day, and watching him grow up and being his mama feels like an incredible privilege.
Even though I get Duplo bricks chucked over my head while I’m in the bath.


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