Sarah’s Illustration, Writing & Crafts


I am a creative. I jump from project to project and I want to have a go at EVERYTHING. Mostly though, I illustrate. In fact, the origins of the name Otter Rocks came from my working artist name, Otter Rocks Art!

I am currently developing my skills in illustration, line work, brush pens, watercolour painting, marker blending, pencil blending and accenting in other inks and mediums.

I hope to occasionally record the process of my work for my YouTube channel so you can view a piece grow before your very eyes.

A selection of work will hopefully eventually become available as prints, and I may start a commission process if I have any kind of following and if indeed my style speaks to viewers enough.

I am a writer hopeful. When Squirrel goes to school I hope to have set working days to blog, draw and work on my novel, a work in progress. Long, long progress. Gentle/attachment parenting dun’arf take your time up! I will get there one day.
The novel I am working on is targeted towards young adults and pre-adolescents, is set in our close future and involves a real world magical adventure for our protagonist, 16 year old Cleo and her dog Rocket.