Toddler Activities


The thing with being a poorly girl/mummy in Unicorn effect is that it is rather restricting in terms of independence. Leo gets to go out as much as I can, and we try to always make one or two toddler groups, library visits or play dates a week, plus a day trip or visit to Nana’s once or twice a week, but the rest of the time, I can some times manage the closest park to us which is almost on a doorstep- what a blessing, or we are limited to our home and garden. That’s no problem for us, as we attempt to be as prepared as we can, by planning out activities to do on special days at home, out and about, or smaller bits to grab at a moments notice when I see the swingy arms and whingy voices that come with the request for activity.

You can see us playing a lot through out our vlog life, and I will regularly update our channel with activity ideas, theme round ups and the alike!

We also adore our day trips, there will be plenty to watch!


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